How to run a razor blade / slitter blade test

, Wednesday 06 November 2019 - 18:12:20

Our slitter knives / blades will normally deliver far better performance than OEM knives and other cheaper suppliers ....but the testing confirmation problem is grinding setup. 

Every customer has a fixed setup (for each board thickness is different) to grind their knives on the machine during production. As an example they grind their knives every 250 meters (grinding interval) for 25 meters (grinding time). So, just think… They grind VOKORE (KPI) knives also after 250 meters (because it is already set up on the machine) but our VOKORE knives are still sharp. It means they will grind the sharp knives and this will be unnecessary. At the end the customer will say that there is no difference!   CORRECT .... UNLESS the customer (YOU) changes the grinding setup / interval timing to find the best and longest duration for our knives probably then they (YOU) will tell us (KPI) that the results are the same as OEM knives.


 How to run a razor blade / slitter blade test:

  1. Install at the same time 1 VOKORE (KPI) knife (only 1 knife) at the operator trim side and 1 OEM knife at the drive trim side. Just run and watch what happens. Probably without changing anything the result will be the same.   
  2. Second step install again the same knives (new) at the same stations. This time increase the grinding interval slightly (Let say 250 to 300 Meters) and keep the grinding time the same to see the results.
  3. If the second step goes well we should repeat the test again increasing the grinding interval. Until they will have cutting problems they should keep increasing the grinding interval. Cutting problems means grinding interval is too much (gap is too big) and they should go back to the previous setup where they did not have any problem. 
  4. It should become apparent in this process that the Excellent top quality KPI / VOKORE brand blades are lasting a longer time... after you are satisfied about that then put on Vokore blades completely and keep extending the grinding intervals to get the maximum use.

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