JKSP Services – AirBond Double Backer Heat Transfer System

, Tuesday 27 October 2020 - 19:06:50

Since 2003, JSKP Services has been a leader in technical solutions for the corrugated industry.  JKSP has developed several engineered systems; the center of its product line is the AirBond Heat Transfer System for the double backer.   

AirBond is a modern solution to improve board quality and deliver long term value on your corrugator.  AirBond has many advantages compared to traditional weight rolls or shoe systems. The main disadvantage of the traditional systems is that they do not provide even contact for the corrugated board, leading to faulty products. 

The AirBond Double Backer Heat Transfer System is manufactured using formed aluminum modules for maximum rigidity.  The contact surface is made from high quality stainless steel for consistent and even surface pressure in the x-y dimensions of the corrugated board.  Independently controlled pneumatic air-mounts allow for adjustments when specialty board grades require more control to bond in the double facer.

Flat, well-bonded, and dry sheets require pressure, heat, and time to produce. In ballast roller systems, pressure is applied on a single line tangent to board contact; this causes poor heat transfer as well as edge crush.  In shoed pressure systems, again, pressure is unevenly applied.  AirBond’s advantage over ballast rollers is that pressure is applied to nearly the entire surface area of the corrugated board.  Resulting, the increased contact area reduces steam consumption and time needed for the corrugated board to properly bond.

On top of the utility savings, AirBond reduces annual maintenance cost over ballast roller systems.  The advantage is that ballast rollers require periodic maintenance to re-pack bearings. Typical maintenance is scheduled once a year, where an engineer will check the machine for wear.  Additionally, belt caliper is preserved for a longer time-period over a typical shoed system.

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